AZ Makeshift Border Wall Toppled, Foul Play Suspected

The Arizona governor’s office suspects criminal elements, not windy weather, are to blame for the toppling of two massive shipping containers that were installed days earlier as a makeshift border wall.
Two 60-foot-long containers that construction workers had dropped along the border with Mexico last weekend were found dislodged Sunday evening. Construction workers on scene Monday morning told a local reporter they believed the nearly 9 tons worth of containers had been blown over by the wind, but a spokesman for Gov. Doug Ducey (R‑AZ) said the math did not add up.
“The idea that it was a weather-related event seems unlikely. These things weigh 8,800 pounds. There were two of them together — 8,800 pounds is basically the weight of a Ford F‑450. We have a lot of strong winds in Arizona. You don’t see a lot of Ford F‑450s flying around when we have strong winds,” Ducey’s communications director, C.J. Karamargin, said Wednesda …

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