Another Wild John Daly Story Emerges Featuring Cigs, Diet Cokes & Peanut M&Ms

With John Daly playing this week in the PGA Championship and rekindling old memories of parties gone by, my old Internet friend Will Brinson opened up the memory bank to retell the story of Big John’s performance at the mid-August 2008 Wyndham Championship where golf’s favorite big man had himself a performance.
Daly’s history with Diet Cokes and lack of plain water on the golf course is a thing of legend and Brinson was there to watch as the Hooters-sponsored golfer went to work in Greensboro.
“Followed him for 18 holes, hawking his every move, taking meticulous notes every time he reached for his golf bag, took a bite or a sip or a puff,” Brinson tweeted Thursday as if 14 years haven’t gone by. “First few holes were just kind of eye opening. By the back nine I realized I was essentially watching someone pitch a perfect game.”
Now for the statistics as Brinson remembers them.
“The final tally of literally everything he put into his body over a full 18 holes:
“21 cigs
“12 Diet Cokes
“6 packs of Peanut M&M’s
“0.0 …

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