Andrew Gillum Faces 21-Count Federal Indictment

Remember Andrew Gillum? As Democrats’ gubernatorial nominee in the 2018 Florida election, he barely lost to Ron DeSantis despite predictions of victory. Gillum conceded, unconceded, and then finally conceded during a recount, and then hinted at a run for the Democratic presidential nomination.That was before Gillum got caught up in a crystal-meth overdose scandal, but after he had already been fingered for a federal fraud probe. Well, the shoe finally dropped on that scandal this morning, as Gillum surrendered to the feds as they indicted him for 21 counts of illegal activity connected to his campaign:
Andrew Gillum, the once-rising Florida Democratic star who narrowly lost his 2018 gubernatorial race against Ron DeSantis, has told associates that he expects to be indicted in federal court as early as today for alleged fraud tied to his campaign, NBC News has learned.
The exact charges are unclear and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Florida would neither confirm nor deny details about the criminal case against Gillum. In a written statement to NBC News, Gillum acknowledged the case but said it is politically motivated without offering specifics. …
Two sources with whom Gillum spoke Tuesday told NBC News that he began phoning friends frantically about the criminal case. Neither would speak on the record because they weren’t authorized to speak on his behalf. They said he is scheduled to meet with prosecutors at 10 a.m. and that his indictment could be unsealed at 1 p.m. ET.
“He’s down. He’s sad. He feels beat up,” one of the sources said.
That source said Gillum was called Tuesday morning and informed he was going to be criminally charged for camp …

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