American Man Disappears While on Vacation: ‘It Is Strange’

A retired Los Angeles County deputy is missing on a Greek island after taking off for a hike Tuesday.
Eric Albert Calibet, 59, has not been seen since Tuesday, according to the Greek Reporter.
Calibet went for a hike on the island of Amorgos that should have taken him about four hours. After he did not answer either of his two cell phones, his disappearance was reported to the police.

“It is strange because he is not a person who walked the route for the first time. He knows Amorgos better than me,” Calliope Despotidi, the deputy mayor of Amorgos, said.
“Calibet is well-known on the island. He has been visiting for several years,” she said, adding that he had completed the hike he went on Tuesday several times in the past.

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