Alex Jones’ Phone Records to Be Given to J6 Committee

American News Aug 5, 2022 5:24 AM
The records in question contain two years worth of text messages, many of which allegedly involve people of interest to the January 6 Committee.
InfoWars founder Alex Jones was ordered on Thursday to pay $4.1 million in damages to the parents of a child murdered in the Sandy Hook massacre. During the trial, it was revealed that Jones’ lawyer, Andino Reynal, had accidentally sent the prosecution his client’s phone records dating back two years. Those records may soon fall into the hands of the January 6 Committee.According to the Daily Wire, prosecuting attorney Mark Bankston revealed on Thursday said that he was “under request from various federal agencies and law enforcement to provide [the records],” noting that he intended to do so “immediately” following the hearing unless he was barred by the judge.He stated that he had been “asked by the January 6 committee to turn the documents over,” but did not disclose who else had approached him.“I believe that there is absolutely nothing, nothing, that Mr. Reynal has done to fulfill his obligations to protect his client and prevent me from doing that,” Bankston added.The judge adv …

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