AI machines could ‘control humans’ and make decisions for us, experts warn…

TECHNOLOGY may be too pervasive in today’s world and could hinder our decision-making process, experts have warned.By now, most people have used an AI-powered device as technology has become ubiquitous worldwide
1Technology may be too pervasive in today’s world, experts have warned.Credit: Getty
This can look like having Amazon’s Alexa set a timer for you or asking Apple’s Siri to check the weather.
In more advanced settings, AI is generating code or computing complex physics equations for scientists.
However, this widespread usage could lead to technology destroying our ability to think for ourselves, some experts say.
Maria Britton, the CEO of Trade Show Labs, told The Sun: “Technology is increasingly pervading almost every aspect of our lives, from how we stay connected with loved ones, to how we pursue banking transactions to how we learn and work

“Our growing dependence on technology has rendered us unable to make decisions without having access to it.
“We are now so reliant on technology that it shapes our behavior, both in abstract issues like beliefs and values, as well as more tangible aspects like communication habits. Ignoring the power of technology in our daily lives would be impossible these days.”
Britton’s concerns are shared by many other tech experts who believe that technology is dictating our decisions.
“We must ensure that artificial intelligence systems are used ethically and that their development does not lead to a ‘takeover’ of human decision-making processes,” said Greven Carl Manuel from EmojiSprout.
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“We must also remain mindful of how technology can dictate our lives — through online surveillance technologies, for instance — and take steps to protect citizens’ privacy when appropriate.”
Meanwhile, other experts, who acknowledge that technology is shaping our decisions, are still choosing to see the positive in it.
“We have technology in the palm of our hands, literally, and we use it to make everyday decisions,” said Walter Lappert, Founder and President of Triad Drones.
“Technology isn’t going anywhere and I’m excited to see how it continues to advance in the future.”
Similarly, Abdul Rahim, an IT professional and the founder and CEO of Software Test Tips said: “Technology has enabled us to harness the power of data and improve decision-making, allowing us to make decisions based on analytics and trends rather than guesswork or intuition.”
Still, Rahim pointed out the concerns surrounding technological advances, adding that “it’s not a solution in and of itself.”
“As with all aspects of life, technology must be used responsibly and with consideration for potential pitfalls, such as privacy breaches, data manipulation, and algorithm bias,” Rahin noted.
Overall, experts tend to take Rahin’s viewpoint that technology can go either way when it comes to helping or hindering humanity in the long run.
“Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our lives, but they also bring with them a number of ethical challenges,” said Ben Tibbits, Managing Director at Broad …

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