Abortion Bill Providers Look to Circumvent Pro-Life States

To circumvent pro-life laws in many states, abortion activists, including those in the medical community, are pursuing questionable legal methods of delivering abortion drugs to women who are seeking the procedure.According to the New York Times, Elizabeth Nash, who works for the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute said, “We’re going to see these different approaches by organizations as they assess what the laws say and develop their rationale for how to provide care.”“We just don’t have a road map about how to provide medication abortion post-Roe, so it’s all being created right now,” Nash added.The solutions to get around pro-life laws include prescribing medications that induce abortion past the 10-week limit set by the Food and Drug Administration. Another option is that physicians are providing telemedicine appointments to abortion seekers and not asking about their state of origin. In other instances, physicians are simply giving out abortion inducing medication to …

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