90-Year-Old Owner of Famed NYC Candy Shop Brutally Attacked Outside Store He’s Run for Decades

The elderly owner of a famous candy shop in New York City was violently assaulted right outside of his store, once again bringing light to the massive crime crisis plaguing the city.
According to WNBC, on Tuesday, 90-year-old Ray Alvarez, who owns the iconic Ray’s Candy Store, was brutally beaten while walking outside his store at 3 a.m.
Alvarez says that a man approached him asking him if he wanted seltzer water. After Alvarez politely declined, the man whacked him on the head with a belt with a heavy rock on the end.

“Then he told his friend, ‘Hold this I want to kill this guy,’” Alvarez said. “He surprised me and I thought the end of the world, I hit the ground, saw the blo …

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