80-Year-Old Man Getting Beaten by Home Invaders Reaches for His Firearm and Instantly Turns the Tables

When two criminals invaded an 80-year-old Chicago man’s home and began beating him, a legally owned firearm, as it often does, allowed the victim to escape with his life.
According to WMAQ-TV, the Chicago Police Department said the unidentified elderly man, who lives close to O’Hare International Airport, was the victim of a home invasion on Monday morning. An unidentified man and woman knocked at his door, and the two eventually forced their way inside.
Police said a fight broke out between the three, and the elderly man, who happened to be a gun owner, drew his firearm and ultimately shot the male suspect in the chest.

WMAQ reported the suspects fled the scene and went to nearby Resurrection Hospital, where the male suspect was listed in critical condition.
The victim also was in critical condition, the report said.


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