25-Year-Old NFL Player Announces Sudden Retirement from Football — ‘My Health Is Above Anything’

The NFL is as popular as it has ever been in this country.
In fact, since the calamitous kickoff to the 2020 season (largely related to polarizing social justice initiatives), the league has truly turned things around and now produces some of the most widely viewed programming to appear on American television.
Despite that, the NFL may have a new headache on its hand, as there appears to be a bubbling unpopularity for the sport among a rather important demographic — actual NFL players.

The latest abrupt retirement from the NFL comes courtesy of now-former Los Angeles Chargers safety Nasir Adderley.
The former University of Delaware standout posted the retirement announcement to his Instagram account on Thursday.


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“After a period of self reflection, I have decided that it’s time for me to walk away from the game of football,” Adderley wrote.
It’s key to point out that Adderley isn’t a 15-year veteran who’s fi …

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