22 Workers Killed After Single Malfunctioning Lithium Battery Sets Off Disastrous Chain Reaction

A fire at a lithium battery factory has claimed at least 22 lives.
The fire at the South Korean factory owned by battery maker Aricell took place in the city of Hwaseong, near Seoul, on Monday, according to The New York Times. In addition to the 22 people killed, one worker was missing while eight were injured.
Kim Jin-young, an official with the Hwaseong Fire Department, said 102 workers were in the factory when the fire broke out, according to the Times.

One battery cell caught fire, he said, leading to a series of explosions that rippled through the 35,000 battery cells stored on the factory’s second floor.

BREAKING: At least 21 people killed in fire at South Korean lithium battery plant – Yonhap pic. …

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