20 Things Conservatives Believe About the Government

Is that a cynical take? Sure, but it’s also generally true. Government may be a necessary evil, but we could do all the “necessary” parts with a fraction of what we spend, and most people greatly underestimate the “evil” part. Does “evil” sound like too strong of a word? You may think so, but what else would you call a bunch of human ticks that prosper by leeching off of their fellow citizens, lie about everything, bribe people to vote for them with other people’s money, and spend all their time scheming to get more and more power over other Americans?Smart people have long understood that working as a politician or bureaucrat is not admirable work.If you’re nodding along with this, you’re probably conservative. If you’re not, read on and you’ll get a much better understanding of how conservatives view government.1) Government doesn’t do anything as efficiently, competently, or cheaply as the private sector.2) Our government already has enough money to solve just about every problem on earth. It just wastes money. This is why giving the government more tax dollars will never fix anything. The government will simply waste that money too and then ask for more.3) Government doing nothing about a problem is not a bad thing. In fact, most of the time that is EXACTLY what the government should do about a problem.4) The more things the government becomes involved in, the more avenues it provides for powerful people and corporations to lobby the government to do their bidding. Big government isn’t the fix for the powerful having too much influence in society. It’s the cause of the problem.5) If we literally didn’t add a single new law for the next decade or two, the country would be far better off. Our problem isn’t a lack of new laws, it’s all the bad laws and good laws we refuse to enforce.6) As a nation, we have chosen to ignore and deliberately misinterpret the 10th Amendment to the Constitution which reads, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” If we stuck to that, which we should, the federal government would be a fraction of the size it is today, we wouldn’t be running a budget deficit and our nation would be far, far better off.7) Most politicians in DC aren’t overly bright to begin with and it would take a super-genius level of intellect to get a truly in-depth understanding of the large numbers of complicated industries and issues they deal with. As a practical matter, this means that most politicians just do whatever they’re told by lobbyists and political allies without having any real understanding of the long-term ramifications of the legislation they’re supporting. This is one of the many reasons government legislation is ultimately more likely to lead to disaster than good outcomes over time.8) Politicians don’t love you, are not your friends, and should be trusted only to the degree that what they’re doing can be verified. Very few of them care about you, the country, or anything much other than not getting caught doing anything that will send them to prison and keeping their cushy jobs.9) Government agencies should be limited in power, frequently audited, often invest …

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